Reducing cylinder loss with sailor cylinder tracking system

Reducing cylinder loss with sailor cylinder tracking system


If technology is new way of managing the business then Gas/Cylinder Suppliers are from Old School in India. India being very fragile market require many cautious measure to ensure the cost management. Cylinder Suppliers in India has always and majorly been struggling with collection and Asset/Inventory management as the most of the time they consume in track the lost cylinder.

The clients in this day and age are moving and they're utilizing Mobile application stages to arrive. Regardless of whether they utilize smart phones, tablets, or other smart phones they have all the data they require. That is the reason Mobile applications are such a great amount of importance in the present market.

With Sailor Cylinder Tracking System (CTS) industrial gas manufacturers or gas distributors can now manage their large number of cylinders and/or service many customers. Gas cylinders in this business constitute the main cost. Tracking as well as watching the turnaround time of a large number of cylinders through multiple locations is beyond the capacity of manual systems, hence IdeaSailor has come up with unique web based Application, Sailor Cylinder Management System..

Cylinder Identification require lots of Man Hour and Time getting productivity lost with every hour. Although, the issue is not new in the Industry but the irony is that more than 90% of cylinder suppliers still rely feeling the bash on their operation and not letting go their traditional management systems. What is lost is always bigger here than what is gained and believe us it is not revenue only, it has been always asking for:-

  • Too much of manual labor and expenditure

  • Lesser Efficiency

  • Unstructured and Inadequate records

  • Loss of few cylinder every Quarter.

  • Less conviction on own record when confronting the Customer.

These are issues if you are new in this business but become reason for Downfall sooner or later.

Software has capacity to blend in any kind of business, hence we tried making a software which cover 8 major aspect here:-

  • 1.Cylinder Tracking

  • 2.Inventory Management

  • 3.ECR

  • 4.Collection.

  • 5.Sales

  • 6.Invoice

  • 7.Purchase

  • 8.Robust Reports

And what we god is comprehensive web based application helping cylinder supplier in may ways:-

  • Reduce costs with replacement of fewer gas cylinders

  • Sailor CTS report status of any given cylinder show complete cylinder holding position of any customer along with the number of days each cylinder has been lying at a particular location

  • Sailor CTS also calculates rent for “overdue” cylinders and generates bills besides printing full record of receipts and issues of empty/filled cylinders through various points.

  • Keeps track of inspection due dates and last painting date of each cylinder.

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