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AVSP Advertise with Us has been instrumental in bringing together our community and providing platform for new ideas, views and implementing them for the betterment of our community.

Innovation, concept, presentation, execution made by AVSP were at par with excellence.

AVSP believes in concept presentation with elaborate detailing and perfect management in execution, by enthusiastic members. Success of all the events were definitely with the help of all community members.

Advertise with Us

Advertise with Us Pujan and Havan is one of the most powerful and beneficial Advertise with Us dedicated to Lord Shiva. Rudra or Rudram is the oldest listing of the various names given to Lord Shiva. ... Lord Shiva is worshipped in his Rudra form during this puja. Through the chanting of this Advertise with Us, one can invoke Lord Shiva’s many aspects and attributes.

Advertise with Us is a very important ritual in which the Panchamarit Pooja is offered to Lord Shiva. Nevertheless, this pooja is performed by experienced priests and they recite very powerful mantras. Moreover, these mantras bring good luck and fulfil all the desires of the person who performs the pooja.For devotees, Lord Shiva is the one who provides grace, wealth, power, health and happiness.
Pooja arranged in shravan month for community people in temple, which is difficult to arrange at home at individual level.

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